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    Electronic & Orbital Bike

    Technical specifications

    Orbike ® is a line of e-bikes with Orbital Wheels and Wraparound Chassis, created for the city, the beach and the countryside, which work with a friction motor (Orbike Wild), a central motor (Orbike Cruiser) or a magnetic motor (Orbike Scooter). ). All models are folding, with electronic handlebar and adaptive saddle. The Orbike is stored in an anti-shock suitcase to display it in the store, stack it in the warehouse and/or transport it by car. For the touring version, it integrates saddlebags into the orbital wheels.

    Orbike ®, es una línea de e-bike con Ruedas Orbitales y Chasis Envolvente, creadas para la ciudad, la playa y el campo, que funcionan con motor de fricción ( Orbike Wild) motor central ( Orbike Cruiser) o motor magnético (Orbike Scooter). Todos los modelos son plegables, con manillar electrónico y sillin adaptativo. La Orbike se guarda en una maleta anti-choc para exponerla en tienda, apilarla en el almacen y/o transportarla en coche. Para la versión ciclotorista  integra en las ruedas orbitales unas alforjas.

    Electronic & Orbital Bike

    Orbike ®, is a line of electronic bicycles for the city, the beach and the country, with orbital wheels that work with friction motors (Orbike Wild) of Double Dynamo (Orbike Cruiser) or Magnetic (Orbike Scooter) and also carry a brake Regenerative to charge the battery. All incorporate a positional road safety laser. Orbike ® is the ideal cycle tourism and Rent a Bike.


    3D Printing PROTOTYPE

    Prototype for structural analysis and design validation, performed in 3D printing with the Carbon Fiber chassis. The special assembly of the Chassis is designed to be assembled and disassembled in a maximum of 10 minutes. The F.E.M. with ANSYS and the result by applying a load of 150 kg. It is optimal with a safety coefficient of +1.2

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