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    To design these sunglasses for the rural community of Guatemala I have taken into account the following considerations:

    1.What are for children in a special rural area in which any object in the developed world, can have an iconic attraction and fun, which is why I tried as an attractive and practical toy.The TOP MODEL includes the possibility of including a box to store the folded glasses.

    2.What by bioclimatic uniqueness of this place, children are more susceptible to disease Pterygium as claimed Challenge. For this reason, the design is adjustable wrap to prevent the incidence of intense sunlight and wind that are causing the disease.

    3.What by the traditional culture, can add value to the design, creating custom painting sheaths for stiffening the legs I propose for the Top Model as well as a textile sheath for the belt neoprene propose for PLUS Model and natural rubber sheaths for the terminals of the rods as I propose for the BASIC model.

    4.What anthropometric cranial structure by having children of Central America, I designed the bridge in a clean way without bend in the bridge and wider than the average standard in anticipation EPICANTHAL EYELID that can occur in the town of Guatemala.


    Propose an experimental model, which left out of the competition (due to time) and whose innovative features are defined in the technical specifications.

    Flexiglass TOP is the model, and adaptive self-folding of the child and the skull is presented in a unique and customizable cover, woven in the rural community with materials and techniques indigenous artisans .

    These cases will be painted or woven allegorical sun , typical of symbologies culture .

    For the TOP model is self-folding and adjustable child’s skull ( with a degree of controlled pressure) depend on the elastic capacity and organoleptic characteristics of the soft material that I propose (2- oxepanone , homopolymer ) as well as of the distance and of the envelopes frecuancia slits forming the folding hinge is integrated into the structure of the frame into a single printing process.

    And to the temple of the glasses is not deformed in action folding / unfolding , leads a stiffening pods 1 mm thick hard material as a perimeter case , serve to place all kinds of stickers that the child is like or can be painted .

    It will be the hallmark of the child that will make use glasses as a toy while the aim will be achieved pursued this challenge : protecting the intense sun children from rural Guatemala.

    Estimated price of the stiffening sheath and sheath $ 0.90.

    by Pinfor 55/20 110

    Frame width: 150mm
    Bridge Frame 20 mm
    Temple length: 110 mm

    Lens width: 55 mm
    Lens height:35 mm


    (general for all three models)
    I chose the (2-oxepanone, homopolymer of Perstorp Polyols Inc) polymer material first so that the design I propose to have a soft frame in order to comply with all international safety regulations Sanitary requiring this type of objects to be used by children.

    Secondly, the shape of my proposal is a way to infinity (∞) perfectly fits the face surface area enveloping the incidence of sunlight.

    Propose that the crystals are slightly countersunk elliptical according to experts who are the best format to engage the glasses facial eye socket and leave no loophole for the lateral penetration of sunlight.

    To meet the fundamental requirement that claims the challenge: the glasses are for children climate zones with extreme solar radiation, which must be protected to prevent rural the communities of Guatemala is Pterygium (Known in the U.S. as Surfer’s Eye) propose :

    4.1 A comprehensive soft, adaptive and envelope, structural soundness armor to absorb impact from falls and / or shock, as are glasses for children.

    4.2 The rods are built on the same frame and are retractable automatic folding by the flexibility of the material that I propose and the modular design of the folding zone in which the material is formed into perimeter grooves shape and variable thickness that confer the Near an adaptive flexibility that makes rods are always folded.

    4.3 The goodness of fit of the eyewear to the head structure of the child will be consistent with the setting of the slits that form the hinge pivot.More or less section section, depending on the degree of compression to the rod to be adjusted, depending on the type of the child head.The adjustment of the hinge pivot and coupling be parameterized in terms of the degree of torsional stiffness of the material.

    4.4 As an added value and bumper protection and falls propose a neoprene tape adjustable skull which is regulated in the terminal itself with a simple pin hole.


    As specified in the challenge, I propose the design can occur with the Makerbot Replicator2 3D Print 2 DreeamBox proposed machine, since only the material used http://store.makerbot.com/flexible-filamentand requires no mechanical elements, or ancillary to mount the spectacle as pins, folding system ….
    Thus the costs and the production process «in situ» is more accessible to the productive structure of the rural area in which is implanted drops.


    Since the glasses are for children from a rural culture that is still pronounced the differentiating role of the sexes propose customizing rods sunglasses pods acetate which engage with a simple click and you each user can put their favorite stickers.

    And lthough specifies a design challenge for children, it would be interesting to propose another specific design for girls, given the matriarchal nature of these communities in Guatemala.


    To comply with all specifications that the challenge claimed, Antonio Pinfor proposes the design of a soft glasses © Flexiglass integral mount and auto-retractable rod that can occur in Makerbot Replicator2 ,does not need any external component assembly and adjustment as are the hinges that make glasses mismatch unusable very soon and short term.
    To attract the interest of children to use lkos glasses,aesthetic and recreational plus with manual insertion of covers painting is added to the children likes her glasses as her own toy and get used to carry as the Pterygium prevention is the purpose of the challenge that promoters claim.

    Product identifier
    2-oxepanone, homopolymer
    Cas No.: 24980-41-4
    EC No: polymer


    ( source Perstorp Polyols Inc )